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Sleep Betta, Dream Bigga

Turn your Twin-XL dorm bed into a luxurious Full-XL with SLU Biggabed.

After a long day filled with classes, going for a run on the Saddlemire Trail, cheering your heart out at Appleton, and topped off with an all-you-can-eat meal at Dana, fatigue starts to set in. Exhausted, you return to your dorm room, looking forward to a good night's sleep before another long day tomorrow. 

Would you rather come back to this...


...or this?

How it Works

You order

We do this to your bed

You sleep in your Biggabed®

We do this in reverse

Our viral TikTok with more than 2.6 million views 

The Biggabed® frame system attaches directly to your school-provided bed frame and instantly turns your twin-size bed into a bigga, Full-XL bed, The Biggabed®! Then, you choose between our three different toppers to add on for the ultimate, personalized, and comfortable sleeping experience!

Asset 3.png
The Biggabed!

Betta Sleep, 

  • For up to 30 days after receiving your bed, you can cancel your order for a full refund.

  • Add 16" of extra sleeping space, that's 45% bigga, WITHOUT taking up too much room space. 

  • So much more bed-room for activities, with plenty of bedroom left for other activities!

Run by SLU Students

  • This is our first year serving students at SLU, Clarkson, SUNY Potsdam and SUNY Canton!

  • We care about our product because we're sleeping in it. 

  • We care about the SLU community because it's our community too. 

  • Learn more about the Biggabed team on the About Us page.

Sleep Sustainably, 
Sleep Easy

Sleeping in Green Sheets
  • Hundreds of foam toppers get thrown out every year at SLU

  • Sleep well knowing that our beds get thoroughly cleaned and re-used.

  • We recycle every part of the Biggabed product that can be recycled!

  • Thousands of toppers get thrown out at the end of every school year and sent to landfills. We want to stop that!

People love our beds

Take a look at what some of our lovely customers are saying:

* some reviews are from other Biggabed locations.


Beds made Bigga since 2019.


Our average satisfaction score from over 300 reviews.

6.3 -> 9.4

The average difference in sleep quality, with a regular dorm bed versus a Biggabed, out of 10.


Scroll over for answers!

What if it doesn't end up fitting in my room?

We're so confident you'll love your Biggabed, we offer a 30-day full refund guarantee! If you want to return your bed, change sizes, or change toppers, just let us know. You can check out the full details on our Refund Policy page. 

What happens to the school mattress and bed frame?

They stay right there! We don't take anything out of your room, we just add stuff on. 

When can I expect to get my bed?

If you purchase before any order deadlines, your bed will be delivered during the move-in period listed on your purchase statement. If you ordered after any deadlines, we'll be in touch to organize delivering your bed ASAP!

What if I'm arriving to school early or staying for graduation/senior week?

Depending on Campus Director availability, we may provide an option for bed delivery before the main move-in weekend which may come at an additional charge. We will let you know about this as it becomes an option. There will be no additional charge for bed pickups during graduation/senior week, just keep an eye on your email for move-out details from us!

Do you sell beds for off-campus apartments or for graduating students?

We do! We've partnered with the top mattress retailer in the U.S. to provide amazing deals on a huge selection of mattresses that we can deliver anywhere in the country. Check out the Biggabed Postgrad page for more information.

What size sheets should I use?

Full-XL sheets are recommended, Queen sheets will have a looser fit but will work, and deep-pocket Full sheets will fit but be tight. Purchase our recommended Full-XL sheets here!

Do I have to set it up myself?

Nope, installation is included for free with the cost of your bed!

What do I do with my bed at the end of the year?

We'll reach out before the end of your rental period to organize a time to come pick up your Biggabed package from you - free of charge. You'll have one less thing to worry about during finals!

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we often have giveaways and sales - make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest news. We also offer bulk discounts to organizations like sports teams, clubs, or superblocks. If you feel you are part of an organization that qualifies for a bulk discount, please message us. If you are a student who is interested in a Biggabed but may not be able to afford it, please reach out to us for possibilities to receive additional discounts. We want everyone to Dream Bigga!

Biggabed Sheets


Cute Cat_edited.jpg

Having trouble finding Full XL sheets for your Biggabed? Look no further - we've partnered with DormCo to provide durable, high-quality sheets that will last beyond graduation. Tested directly on our Biggabeds, we highly recommend DormCo's Full XL sheets as the perfect addition to your slumber.* 

Click the link below to purchase through us!

* We have not tested, nor do we recommend, any other DormCo product.

Shipping and handling are via DormCo to your shipping address.

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Realize your room is a bit smaller than you anticipated? Feel like your topper is a little too soft? Let us know and we'll do whatever we can to fix it! For up to 30 days after receiving your bed you can cancel your order, switch sizes, or change toppers - just let us know!

*If we deem that any part of the package is broken or missing due to customer misuse or mishandling, the customer is responsible for reimbursement.

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